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Geoff has first-hand experience of dealing with Autism and Epilepsy and continues to raise awareness and funds for these conditions using his profile and personal appearances.


Geoff and Simone set up The Geoff and Simone Sewell Charitable Trust (The Sewell Foundation) in 2008 in New Zealand to raise awareness and provide hope and information regarding early intervention to families dealing with Autism. The Foundation makes private donations to specific projects, practitioners and charities to spread the relevant information to needy families, and doesn’t publicise their efforts, preferring to focus on where the money is needed, not gaining publicity.


Publishing royalties from 'Sienna's Song' on the Believe album, and ‘Heal Me’ on the Live, Love, Sing! album, both written by Simone, are specifically for The Sewell Foundation.


Alongside Geoff and Simone’s personal donations over the years, they’ve raised money for Autism in concerts performed by Amici forever, Geoff Sewell, Incognito Artists and BRAVO Amici since 2006.


Geoff and Simone have fundraised for the Autism Trust UK (with Simone currently being a Trustee on the Autism Trust UK board), Thinking Autism UK and the National Autistic Society (UK and NZ).


Geoff has fundraised for the National Society of Epilepsy in the UK and raised £60,000 through his ‘Stars for Epilepsy’ concert series over three years.


Geoff is a Patron of the Variety Club UK.  Geoff and Simone are Ambassadors for the Mindd Foundation, for gut and mental health, in Australia.


With Incognito Artists, in his solo work, and personally, Geoff performs for and supports numerous charitable events worldwide.

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